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The Apostolate of Suffering

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Founded in 1926 by Clara M. Tiry, the Apostolate of Suffering seeks to unite all sufferers in a spiritual union. Its purpose is to assure the sick and the afflicted that their lives are not useless, that by patient bearing of pain they can help to spread the Kingdom of God on earth. It aims to promote among the members a spirit of love for suffering and a childlike abandonment to God’s Holy Will.

Members offer their sufferings for the conversion of sinners, the salvation of the dying, the release of poor souls from Purgatory, increase of vocations to the
priesthood and religious life, the success of missionary work, the sanctification of
priests, and reparation for sins committed against the Blessed Eucharist.
Membership is open to the sick or those who, though able to work, are afflicted
with some disease, ailment, or infirmity that causes suffering. Men and women, priests and religious, young and old, are eligible for membership, as are patrons of the sick.

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