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What We Do

Gift & Thrift Stores

Giving Squared. When you donate an item to our thrift stores, we sell it and give the money to the poor. Your gift is “squared” and gives twice: to the person who needed a reduced-cost item, and to a family or individual in need of assistance. 

Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska operates four Gift & Thrift stores. Details for each store, including location, hours, and donation guidelines, are listed below.

Individuals who cannot afford items in our stores can apply to receive items for free through our emergency services programs in all four communities. All funds raised from the stores, minus minimal administrative costs, are funneled back into our emergency services programs. The items sold at the stores have been donated by generous individuals across Southern Nebraska.



  • Individuals served last year


  • Square Miles of the Diocese of Lincoln


  • Acts of Mercy performed last year


  • Cash and in-kind assistance provided across southern Nebraska last year


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