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St. Christopher Vehicle Donation Program

Help put our clients on the road to "Hope in the Good Life"!

It’s served you well, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. So, if it’s time to trade in “old faithful” for a newer model, consider this: rather than trade it, donate it to our St. Christopher Vehicle Donation Program. Your donated vehicle will either be given to a family or individual in need of dependable transportation, or it will be sold with proceeds going to assist our work with the poor.

We know that one of the greatest obstacles to sustainable employment is the lack of reliable transportation. That's why eligible vehicles received through our St. Christopher Vehicle Donation Program are used to provide families with a hand-up and #hopeinthegoodlife. Often, all that's needed to get them on the road to a better life is a safe, reliable automobile.

This Subaru Legacy was donated by the family of Robert Koerner, who many years ago received a vehicle donation himself thanks to a generous neighbor. That car allowed him to travel to work and to school in a neighboring town. Robert never forgot the fresh start he gained thanks to a little help from his neighbor. Now, the car he gave to his granddaughter will be used to provide a hand-up to a CSS client who will build #HopeintheGoodLife for themselves… thanks to a little help from Robert’s family.

Bonita needed a reliable vehicle to take her son, who uses a wheelchair, to his medical appointments. Thanks to a generous family who donated their minivan to CSS, she's now able to provide safe transportation for her entire family of 5. That's #HopeintheGoodLife teamwork in action!

Contact us to learn more about how your good, used vehicle can serve the needy of southern Nebraska.

To donate your vehicle in the Lincoln area, call 402.327.6235.

In the Hastings area, call 888.826.9629.

  • Square miles served in the Diocese of Lincoln last year


  • Cash & in-kind assistance provided across southern Nebraska last year


  • Counseling sessions through the Immaculate Heart of Mary Counseling Center last year


  • Nights of lodging & safety provided through St. Gianna’s Women’s Homes last year


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