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Who We Are

CSS Staff

  • Balderas, Martha

    Clinical Support Specialist

  • Brei, Dr. Natalie

    Licensed Psychologist

  • Broce, Jane

    Support Specialist

  • Butler, Ian


  • Byrne, Jean

    St. Joseph Gift & Thrift Store Manager

  • Church, Benjamin

    Warehouse Assistant

  • Cooley, Mary

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Covington, Julie

    Thrift Store Assistant Manager

  • Cutti Tenio, Raul


  • Davis, Kathleen

    Imperial Emergency Services Coordinator

  • Divis, Evan


  • Eden, Sr. Karen
  • Feltes, Bill

    Lead Truck Driver

  • Fulton, Fr. Justin

    Executive Director

  • Fulton, Lana

    St. Francis Gift & Thrift Store Manager

  • Garcia, Martin


  • Ginsburg, Robert

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Gonnerman, Sandra

    Accounting Assistant

  • Haag, John

    Warehouse Manager

  • Hile, Katie

    Regional Director of Social Services

  • Hall, Marie

    Clinical Office Manager

  • Hohmeier, Sr. Carol
  • Hotovy, Veronica

    Client Relations Specialist & Resident Care Manager

  • Jakub, Bonnie

    Thrift Store Assistant Manager

  • Janda, Susan


  • Janousek, Jillian


  • Kreifels, Julie

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Kroon, Mary

    Accounting Assistant

  • Kruse, Sean

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Lechner, Carol

    Donations Support Specialist

  • Ley, Michael

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Long, Kaleb


  • Lopez, Carmen

    Refugee Resettlement Director

  • Machado, Nicolette


  • Main, Mark

    St. Louise Gift & Thrift Store Manager

  • Maribaga, Albert

    Employment Specialist

  • Martin, Dr. Peter


  • McDermott, John

    Director of Catholic Charity & Evangelization

  • McKedy, Susan

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Meduna, William

    Director of Finance

  • Mejia, Kelli

    Lincoln Emergency Services Coordinator

  • Merkel, Neil

    Truck Driver

  • Michels, Colleen

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Miller, Dr. Courtney

    Director of Clinical Services

  • Miller, Drew

    Director of Immigration

  • Olsen, Tonya

    Emergency Services Coordinator

  • Peters-Miller, Ann

    Family Counselor

  • Radek, Sr. Bernadette
  • Reid, Tricia

    Auburn Regional Manager

  • Richard, Roberta

    Search Specialist

  • Rinn, Catherine

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Rosno, Phil

    Hastings Regional Manager

  • Sand, Jodi

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Schik, Tom
  • Schlotterbeck, Paula

    Projects Coordinator, Charity & Evangelization
    Database Administrator

  • Schutte, Mary

    Hastings Support Specialist

  • Shaw, Lindsay
  • Sousek, Jeremy

    Lincoln Volunteer Coordinator

  • Sullivan, Bill

    St. Isidore Gift & Thrift Store Manager

  • Syring Brezina, Karla


  • Threewitt, Amy

    Hastings Volunteer Coordinator

  • Van Skiver, Anne

    Hastings Case Worker

  • Vance, Jeffrey

    Clinical Intern

  • Verley, Marcia

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Waite, Lee

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Walbrecht, Pat

    Administrative Support Coordinator

  • Walkowiak, Becky


  • Wells, Kathleen

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Wyatt, Gage

    Thrift Store Associate

  • Ybarra, Angel

    Thrift Store Associate